be easily attached to any hook or towel rack. This feature

be easily attached to any hook or towel rack. This feature

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“to a towel” is widely used in any public place, such as swimming pool, gym, beauty salon, barber shop, etc., and there is a demand for disposable towels. Public towels are prone to the problem of inadequate eliminate virus, especially the humid weather in the south, which is more likely to breed bacteria. at present, people traveling outside have a disposable sterilized towel, which is the best choice to prevent cross-infection.

For example, you are a towel seller. When your customers are looking at many kinds of towels, they are competing with other merchants of their products for unit price, quantity, cost price, and buy one get three free.

The newly revised guidelines for the operation and service of the hair and beauty industry have put forward clear requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic. It mainly includes: to keep the environment of the business premises clean and tidy, and to clean and disinfect the parts where customers come into contact with them in time. Keep a safe distance between stations to avoid crowds gathering, the service area of each station is not less than square meters, and the distance between seats is not less than meters. Hair cutting tools such as scissors, combs, pushers, etc., should be disinfected with one customer. Towels, scarves and other public goods should be disinfected one by one.

People who often cook and are addicted to small cleanliness often wash things very frequently, so their hands are often wet. They used to take a piece of paper, one piece was less than two, at the end of the day, half of a packet of paper towels were used, and later they changed towels, but the effect of wiping their hands was poor, and it was easy to get moldy, and even wiped them directly on the body after washing their hands, which is the practice of the two treasures at home.

be easily attached to any hook or towel rack. This feature

The bag is opened and closed with two-way zipper, and the simple single-layer cubicle design makes it more intuitive for you to pick up items. We put mobile phones, headphones, card bags, perfume, keys, lipstick and paper towels in it, and there is still extra space for pressed powder, portable battery and other small items. The front zipper pocket can also be used to hold flat objects such as papers.

Additionally, these bags often come with a built-in hook or hanger that can be easily attached to any hook or towel rack. This feature allows women to conveniently hang the bag in hotel bathrooms or other spaces where counter space may be limited or non-existent. By hanging the bag, you not only save counter space but also have a clear view of all your items, making it easier to locate what you need without any hassle.

5. Beach blankets: Apart from towels, consider bringing a large beach blanket to stretch out on the sand. When the temperatures cool down in the evening, you can cozy up on the blanket with friends or family around a bonfire.