the locker room, all shivering under the towel s, and their mother

the locker room, all shivering under the towel s, and their mother

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After swimming, I saw three children again in the locker room, all shivering under the towels, and their mother recalled the success they had just achieved in the pool. The cute screaming kid was trying to escape from the towel wrapped tightly around him like little Houdini, and his mother smiled incredibly at his continued vitality. The baby in a red ruffled bathing suit is quietly eating fish-shaped cookies and watching with an interesting smile. And the unhappy baby, like his mother, showed a satisfied expression, because his mother expected him to be sensitive to the transition and let him be with his favorite toy. This Saturday morning, “nature and nurture” (NatureandNurture) is perfectly displayed in the community pool.

Fifth, look at the shape. Modern people have higher and higher requirements for the home environment, so the appearance of the electric towel rack purchased had better be integrated with the bathroom environment at home, which can play a certain role in decoration and will not appear too abrupt. If you like the product shape is the original design, but also the use of electroplating and spraying technology, it is absolutely necessary to start quickly.

Cover the baking sheet with a clean kitchen towel or plastic wrap, creating a warm and humid environment for the dough to rise. Allow the baguettes to proof for about an hour or until they have approximately doubled in size. The time may vary depending on the room temperature, so keep a close eye on them.

The towel gourd needs to be managed carefully at the seedling stage, before and after planting, and at the setting stage. For example, do not hurt the root system of towel gourd during weeding, and maintain an adequate supply of water and fertilizer during the fruiting period. It is recommended to irrigate small water in the morning and evening to maintain a relative soil moisture of about 85%. As mentioned earlier, the unsuitable temperature is also the cause of towel gourd bitterness, so the towel gourd requires a high temperature. If it is this kind of high temperature season, the field temperature can be reduced by spraying water on leaves. In the case of low temperature, the thermal insulation protection can be carried out by adding a small arch shed in the shed, sprinkling dry straw and straw and so on. In addition, we should also pay attention to maintain a reasonable planting density according to the planting season, variety and scaffolding mode, and should not pursue yield unilaterally and blindly over-close planting.

Su Jiaqun said that when there is an indoor fire, indoor personnel often choose to run for the door. “but this is not necessarily a panacea!” If the room has been filled with thick smoke, the hasty escape is lost in the smoke and will soon be fumigated. “this is the case with many victims of indoor fires.” Su Jiaqun said that in this case, like this girl, hiding in a slightly safer area such as the bedroom, then plugging the door with towels and clothing, and trying to cover your mouth and nose with wet towels to call for help may be a more effective way to save yourself.

When going swimming, we try to choose regular swimming places with good water quality and less pollution. Wear goggles when swimming to effectively separate water from eye contact and reduce the chance of infection. Do not share towels or personal hygiene products with others, wash your face and hands with running water. If the eyes are red and swollen, itching, tears and other discomfort, please go to the hospital in time.

Girls usually wipe their faces with towels in circles, which will cause more skin problems. First, the towel is easy to breed bacteria, will produce acne and other problems; the second is to wipe in a circle, vigorously rub the face, easy to produce wrinkles, cause allergies and other problems. Therefore, the correct way to wipe the face is to gently press the face with a towel to absorb excess moisture.

2. Do not share towels or other personal belongings with others; do not come into contact with patients and their polluting articles, pollute the environment; and do not swim or play in unsterilized swimming pools. During the epidemic of HFMD, try to avoid taking children to participate in group activities.

the locker room, all shivering under the towel s, and their mother

Zheng Juan was walking down the street with the things brought by Gong Weize hanging on the handle of the cyclist. I came across a sister-in-law with a basket and asked the sister-in-law where to sell these things. The sister-in-law was so enthusiastic that she pointed out the place where she sold things, and said that her son and daughter-in-law worked in a towel factory, so they could not sell towels and their wages could not be paid, so they all went to work, so they had no choice but to come out and sell towels themselves. The burden of revolution all falls on our own shoulders!

The life teacher of each class is on duty 24 hours a day. Students should consciously abide by the dormitory management regulations and go in and out of the dormitory at the prescribed time. Go up and down the stairs according to the prescribed instructions, do not push, crowd, avoid trampling, obey the command, and ensure safety. Students should keep the dormitory, corridor and bathroom clean and tidy, and avoid sharing water cups, drinks, towels, washbasins and other items. After the evening self-study, the temperature was taken in the class. The test was no more than 37.2 ℃ before you could line up to return to the dormitory and go to bed. Each person in the queue was 1 meter apart. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2℃, be accompanied by the school doctor to the isolation room and activate the emergency plan to deal with it.